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Alfa Romeo 33 Release Date

The classic car Alfa Romeo 33 upcoming Estate release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Alfa Romeo 33 cover art

Alfa Romeo 33

Classic Car

Much was expected of the 33. It was supposed to build on the best bits of the Alfasud, to create a formidable new family car for the slick ’80s. Instead, it failed to move on the game at all – even if the styling hinted that this was a much more upmarket offering. As it was, the wedge from Naples sold slowly and despite a welter of improvements throughout its life, stubbornly refused to realise its potential. As a driver’s car, it’s marred by a weird driving position but, for the family, it’s an excellent proposition, thanks to its roomy cabin. Cheap and characterful now, but a ’Sud betters it.

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