Agnès Varda in California - Criterion Eclipse Series

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The legendary French filmmaker Agnès Varda (Cléo from 5 to 7), whose remarkable career began in the 1950s and has continued into the twenty-first century, produced some of her most provocative works while living on the West Coast of the United States. After temporarily relocating from France to California in the late sixties with her husband, Jacques Demy, so that he could make his first Hollywood film, Varda became entranced by the politics, youth culture, and sunshine of the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, and created documentary explorations and fictional narratives—sometimes within the same film. She returned a decade later, and made more fascinating portraits of outsiderness. Her five revealing, entertaining California films, encompassing shorts and features, are collected in this set, which demonstrates that Varda was as deft an artist in unfamiliar terrain as she was on her own turf. The set includes: Uncle Yanco, Black Panthers, Lions Love (...and lies), Mur Murs and Documenteur.


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Agnès Varda in California - Criterion Eclipse Series release date August 11, 2015 18 Months Ago

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Agnès Varda in California - Criterion Eclipse Series was released 560d ago in the US.
August 11, 2015Confirmed
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