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Ad Inexplorata

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Ad Inexplorata is a multi-media fictional story of an astronaut, Captain William D. Stanaforth, the third of four NASA pilots heading to Mars and not coming back. Along the way, Stanaforth goes from good soldier to reluctant hero, on to radical idealist then misread/suppressed rebel. He must overcome physical and technical challenges, but they are nothing compared to the psychological turmoil which results from the rigidity of the NASA model, the crushing loss of his compatriots, the pressure of the mission, and the expectations (and doubts) of the entire world. The isolation haunts him, the physical discomfort torments him, and his greatest goal—the glory and miracle of discovering the unknown—proves elusive, ineffable and potentially unobtainable. Treated by the world as an almost forgotten pawn, his courage, intelligence and dark sense of humor prevail, and if he finally lands on Mars he will prove himself a martyr to exploration.


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