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World Heroes 2 is a fighting game released in 1993 by ADK, featuring characters based on heroes throughout history like Hanzou, Janne and Captain Kidd - there are 14 characters in all from which to choose. Some gameplay features of this game include, the ability to throw back and reflect projectiles, making it a simple yet in-depth play system. One unusual aspect is the introduction of two game modes, each with different sets of rules. Normal Mode is the standard best-of-two bouts type match, and Death Match Mode is more extreme then that of the previous title, with a 10 count, sudden death system. These two modes make for thrilling and fervent battles that will keep you playing over and over!

ACA NeoGeo World Heroes 2 release date for PS4 May 25, 2017 6 Months Ago (US)
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ACA NeoGeo World Heroes 2 was released on PS4 200d ago in the US.
May 25, 2017Confirmed

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