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A New Darkness


Jeremy, Lexx, and Tori made it out of Savannah alive. But is it any better away from the city and in the Georgia countryside? Now that they are teamed up with a truck driver named Josh, will they find Josh’s family and a safe place from the undead? Will life be able to return to some kind of normality? Even if that normality involves splitting open some rotten skulls? In the second installment of the New Death series, see if our trio has what it takes to continue to survive in the zombie apocalypse! Will Jeremy make his peace with God? Will Tori allow herself to develop feelings for Lexx? Will Lexx find any more Coke? Find out in A New Darkness!

A New Darkness release date October 11, 2014 3 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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A New Darkness was released 1380d ago in the US and the UK.
October 11, 2014Confirmed
October 11, 2014Confirmed

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