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2016 BMW M2


The littlest new BMW to wear a proper M Badge. As such, it will be the spiritual successor to the fun, if inelegantly named, 1-series M coupe and, reaching back a bit further, the 2002 Turbo. Tip-offs to the car’s upped amperage include big black M wheels, huge cross-drilled brakes with blue M calipers, and of course, swirly paper on the fenders to conceal their muscular bulges. The front fenders are actually borrowed from the M235 racecar and as such, are a size too large for the front wheel; the rear fenders look wider than stock, but don’t appear to be from the racer. When the final M2 is revealed, expect to see a slightly more conventional (but still flared) front fender with the M fender vent, lower rocker panels that fit the car, a rear lip spoiler, a diffuser-esque rear bumper with quad exhaust tips, and a more aggressive front fascia than the M Sport package fascia worn by this car.

2016 BMW M2 release date rumored Q2 2014 6 Years Ago (US)
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2016 BMW M2 was released 2305d ago in the US.
2016 BMW M2
Q2 2014Rumored
2016 BMW M2
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