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2015 EBR 1190SX


As expected, the 1190 SX is based on the chassis of the EBR 1190RX superbike, which means it has the same twin-spar fuel-in-frame setup. Rake and trail, as well as wheelbase, are unchanged. A new upper triple clamp accommodates a tubular handlebar for a more upright riding position. The V-twin engine is identical to the one in the 1190RX, which put out 161.2 horsepower and 87.1 pound-feet of torque on the Cycle World dyno, and we wouldn’t be surprised if all the electronics, including the 21-level traction control, remain the same. Claimed wet weight, with no fuel in the tank, is 414 lb. That’s five pounds lighter than the claimed wet weight (minus fuel) of the fully faired 1190RX.

2015 EBR 1190SX release date expected 2015 21 Months Ago (US)

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2015 EBR 1190SX was released 634d ago in the US and the UK.
2015 EBR 1190SX
2015 EBR 1190SX

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