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What’s bound to be the fastest and most powerful BMW SUV ever, getting the stink driven out of it—where else?—on Germany’s famed Nürburgring racetrack. While most of the significant body modifications that will make the upcoming X5 M distinct from workaday X5s are covered by swirly paper, the huge air intakes on the front of these three test SUVs are pure M. The same can be said of the huge wheels, side sills, steamroller-esque tires, and quad exhaust pipes. Interestingly, the mirror-cap shapes vary among the three, and camo also covers their front fenders, which will certainly bear M-badged vents behind the front wheels. Note the retention of the X5’s standard rear spoiler above the backlight but the absence of roof rails.

2015 BMW X5 M release date rumored Q3 2014 2 Years Ago (US)

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Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
2015 BMW X5 M was released 1087d ago in the US and the UK.
2015 BMW X5 M
Q3 2014Rumored
2015 BMW X5 M
Q3 2014Rumored

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