Twigg Stitch: A New Twist on Reversible Knitting


A brand-new technique for creating completely reversible knits.

Readers will discover a new type of color knitting that produces a fully reversible fabric with mirrored or completely different sides. Worked by knitting two yarns at the same time, Twigg stitch allows the knitter to create two completely different fabrics. Not only can the knitter create simple reversible colorwork, but also different cable patterns or even lace that is a different color on each side.

Unique and fascinating as the technique is, it's not difficult to master. Anyone with basic knitting skills can quickly learn. Vicki will teach the basics of Twigg stitch: casting on, handling yarns, increasing and decreasing, changing colors, and knitting in the round. She also provides a stitch dictionary of basic to more complex color patterns, textured patterns, and cables.

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