Tile Temple Tactics


Presented with a board of numbered tiles, players take turns to pick up tiles to add to their score. Each tile taken dictates which row (or column) of tiles your opponent can pick from next - try to out-manoeuvre them, but beware of them doing the same to you!

As you journey through the villages and temples of ancient China, new twists are introduced to the game including negative tiles, hidden tiles, blocking barriers and Sun and Moon suits that allow for deeper strategy. As your mastery of the tiles grows, you’ll build score-boosting combos and use an arsenal of magic items to turn the tide of the battle in your favour.

Tile Temple Tactics provides players with an engrossing single player campaign as well as cross-platform online and local multiplayer matches. Presented with lush 3D visuals and specially recorded traditional Chinese music, Tile Temple Tactics is the perfect coffee table puzzle game.

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