The Gamechangers


The Gamechangers tells the story of how British game designers pushed boundaries into uncharted territory, of how those fighting GTA became consumed by a battle which overwhelmed their lives, and how the subsequent fallout threatened to bring down leading players on both sides. This drama is for an adult audience and has not been authorised by the producers of Grand Theft Auto. Rather, it is based on court documents and interviews with many of those involved in the real events behind this compelling story.

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Television (BBC 2, 9pm)
September 15, 2015
13 Months Ago

BBC's Rockstar Games 'Documentary' The Gamechangers "Random, Made Up Bollocks"

  • 403d ago
  • by Simon Priest

Rockstar Games isn't impressed with the BBC's dramatised portrayal of the game developer, and specifically their take on co-founder Sam Houser who was played by Daniel Radcliffe.

BBC Release First Trailer for Making-Of-GTA Dramatisation

  • 415d ago
  • by Jake Lewsey

The BBC have released the first trailer for their upcoming TV movie The Gamechangers which will debut on BBC 2 this month.