HOT Watch: Complete Smart Watch


HOT Watch: Turn your hand into a phone with innovative private calling. Touch screen, Gestures, Apps. Phone stays in a pocket or bag.

HOT Watch comes bundled with Call Features (Private call, speakerphone, contact download and caller ID), Messaging Features (text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Text Reply), Smart Phone Apps (weather, stocks, calendar, news, music control, phone finder), Watch Apps (Pedometer, note capture, fall detection, calculator), Time Features (alarm, timer, stopwatch, multi city time) and SDK for custom apps.

For all the above features to work, your smart phone just needs to be in close proximity of your HOT Watch. The Typical Bluetooth connection range is 20-30 feet. You will still require your phone for more advanced functions like, GPS, internet browsing, camera or other smart features not listed above as supported by HOT Watch.

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