Don't Kill The Magic


2014 debut album from the Canadian Reggae/Pop quartet led by songwriter/producer Nasri. All members of the band are originally from the Toronto area. Nasri had been working with and writing songs for different Pop acts prior to the start of the band. He had met Mark Pelli in the studio and within a week they had written the song "Don't Judge Me" for Chris Brown. Nasri described the chemistry between himself and Pelli as "different than writing chemistry, it was more artistic." A few weeks later, while Mark played a Reggae tune on the guitar, Nasri suggested to start a band like "modern-day Police."

1. Rude
2. No Evil
3. Let Your Hair Down
4. Stupid Me (Clean Version)
5. No Way No
6. Paradise
7. Don't Kill the Magic
8. One Woman One Man
9. Little Girl Big World
10. Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
11. How Do You Want to Be Remembered

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