Alarms In The Heart


It's a modest enough milestone in the grand scheme of everything, but to Dry The River it's a very meaningful marker. Whilst the band are still struggling to find words to describe the thing - the story of its making reaches from rough bedroom demos to lost hours in dark practice rooms. From endless studio weeks in the weird moonscape of Iceland, to a Glaswegian industrial estate and a West Country farmhouse. And the finished record sounds like those sprawling geographies, in a way - like a map of our own troubles and triumphs that ran alongside, from start to finish. It describes an arc, both in terms of the collection of stories it's telling, and in the sense that it reflects a period of growth and great change for Dry the River itself.

1. Alarms in the Heart
2. Hidden Hand
3. Roman Candle (Feat. Emma Pollock)
4. Med School
5. It Was Love That Laid Us Low
6. Gethsemane
7. Rollerskate
8. Everlasting Light
9. Vessel
10. Hope Diamond

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