A romance set in the 1940s, as well as in the current day, focuses on the love between one man and one woman, and on the real life time travel experiments, based on fact, gone horrifically wrong. A dimension discovered, and innocent human souls, war soldiers are lost in "aeterna" in these experiments around right after the war is over and the mission is aborted. It is a known fact that many men's lives were terribly destroyed in these time travel experiments. Navy men were found in ships, half wry in the metal, then the whole ship to disappear without a trace. However, one man's life is about to change forever. Clark Wallace will loose the love of his, Daisy du Bois, to the time travel continuum when the experiment meant for Clark, goes tragically wrong. She is lost in time. Clark is then on a mission, to conquer the scientists of the war, and his general who have massacred his life and so many others, while being treated for.

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