New Doctor Who Trailer Shows The Doctor About to Regenerate 

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Doctor Who series 10 is nearly upon us and it looks like the end for the Twelfth Doctor…but the moment has been prepared for.  

The new trailer shows Peter Capaldi’s Doctor about to regenerate ahead of the actor’s departure at Christmas. In the new footage, which also sees the return of Missy (Michelle Gomez) and the mondasian cybermen, the Doctor appears to grasp his chest as his hand emits golden regeneration energy. 

It’s unclear if this is his final moments as the Doctor or perhaps a false regeneration, much like the regeneration of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor at the beginning of Journey’s End – where he fired his regeneration energy into his own severed hand…yeah, despite how it appears that sentence does make sense. 

Although it seems unlikely that Capaldi will regenerate early considering there’s the small matter of a Christmas Special to film. Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday 15th April. 

Doctor Who Season 10
Doctor Who returns in 2017 with a new season starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as the Doctor's new c...
Release Dates
15 Apr 2017-BBC America
24 Jul 2017-Blu-ray
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