The 'Dope' Trailer is Unsurprisingly Dope

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Part coming of age story and part contemporary examination of the part of LA that spawned Gangsta Rap and G-funk, Dope follows Malcolm (Shameik Moore) – a really smart teenager with an affinity for 90's hip hop, a brain full of smart-ass remarks, and eyes for the girlfriend of a local drug dealer.

All three collide when he and his friends are forced to fence some product that said drug dealer planted on Malcolm, and if this plays out like a movie from his favorite decade of pop culture, they're all going to learn something more valuable than the street value of prime cocaine before all of this is over.

A major breakout at Sundance 2015, Dope was the subject of a major bidding war ultimately won by Open Road and Sony.

Throw in some great songs, some comedic assistance from one of the three cast members of Workaholics, and a director with a proven hand at telling the story of a young man going through important life changes in an urban environment that ultimately shapes him, then you should definitely score some Dope.

Directed and written by Rick Fumuyiwa, Shameik Moore stars along with Tony Revolori and Zoe Kravitz. Forest Whitaker produced, Pharrell Williams executive produced and Sean Combs co-executive produced.

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