PlayStation Network To Air 'Powers' Season 2 May 31st, Announces Sony

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The second season of Powers will be coming to the PlayStation Network by the end of May in the UK, with the first new episode becoming available May 31st @ 8:01 PM BST.

This comes at no additional charge for PlayStation Plus subscribers who get to enjoy the first three episodes and then another one as each week passes for the full 10 episodes. Currently the first season of Powers is available on Spike TV in the UK.

"I'm insanely thrilled with the opportunity to introduce season 2 on PSN," said Brian Michael Bendis, executive producer of PlayStation original series Powers, and co-creator of the comic book series.

"We focused on what fans loved about season 1 and amped up the visual effects, cinematography, and stunts so season 2 is going to be louder, faster and more electrifying than anything you've seen from us before!"

Sharlto Copley is back as Detective Christian Walker alongside Susan Heyward as Detective Deena Pilgrim. Michael Madsen, Tricia Helfer, Enrico Colantoni and Wil Wheaton are among the new cast members for season two.

Powers is based off the comic of the same name where humans and superheroes co-exist. A homicide detective investigates cases related to superhumans, and who once had superpowers himself before they were taken away. It's a mix of superhero fantasy, crime procedural and crime noir. It was PlayStation Network's first original programming.

Powers' second season airs next week from May 31st on the PlayStation Network.

Powers Season 2
Combining the genres of superhero fantasy, crime noir and police procedural, "Powers" is set in a world full of peopl...
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31 May 2016-PSN
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