Hop On Battlefront Now & Take Part In The Community Event

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To get the community to come together as one during the holiday season, EA is introducing some Community Events that will have players working together online to achieve a common goal!

Here's our current task:

From now until January 6th, EA wants all gamers to hop on Star Wars: Battlefront and play for a grand total of 500,000 hours as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo.

We've got some time to make it happen, but we're gonna need all the help we can get! As a bonus, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion app will also include a new Base Command campaign on Hoth for all players with bonus in-game Credit payouts during the December 23rd through January 6th Heroes’ Holiday event period. We're not entirely sure what we'll be rewarded, if anything, if said task is completed, but nevertheless, if everyone wants to jump into the action of Battlefront with us over the holidays, we have no problem with that!

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