Pachter Predicts PlayStation VR's Price

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Much anticipated to be answered by the SIFTD.net community, Michael Pachter has given his prediction on how much PlayStation VR will cost on the latest episode of Pachter Factor.

All we know about the price point of Sony's virtual reality headset is that it will be priced, "similarly to a new console," and that's something Pachter, a video game analyst, thinks they're not lying about. Pachter gave an educated guess that the headset will very likely be $400.

Here's what he had to say along with his prediction:

"I think Morpheus (PlayStation VR) is highly likely to be 400 bucks. It's gonna be hard... -- if you actually look at the headset, there's a lot there. So, I think it's gonna be hard to price it below 300; it's possible... if they believe they're gonna make enough of them."

Moving away from the price point, Pachter thinks that Sony's headset could be very successful, especially compared to the Oculus Rift, thanks to it being very accessible to PS4 owners.

"A lot of people don't have a really high-end PC laying around, so I think the PlayStation 4 crowd has a huge advantage. Sony's got an install base, as of November, of thirty million of them. So, I can see Sony planning to sell ten million Morpheus units. I doubt that they will sell those in the first year, because there probably won't be a lot of content, but I can see them planning to sell 10 million over time."

Think he's right in the money on the price point or do you have your own prediction? Let us hear it in the comments section below!

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