Sony's PlayStation 'Paris Games Week' Announcements

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Sony dropped some interesting news from their Paris Games Week 2017 keynote with new game announcements and more on upcoming games.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (PS4 - November 7th, 2017)

The expansion to Guerrilla Games' open world future where mankind has fallen and now huddles together in tribes as they carve out an existence in a world teeming with robotic 'wildlife'. The Frozen Wilds calls Aloy to a new region known as The Cut which borders on the Banuk territory. The peak of a mysterious mountain is her destination with all-new machines, quests, weapons, settlements, abilities and more for Aloy to explore, collect and master.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds
The Frozen Wilds will take Aloy into the icy wastes, with waist-deep snow, a mountain that constantly spits ash, and ...
Release Dates
7 Nov 2017-PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4 - 2018)

Marvel and Insomniac Games are working on an original story for Spider-Man in this open-world crime fighting adventure where an established and experienced Spider-Man fights to keep New York City safe. We don't just control the friendly neighbourhood superhero but also his normal 'mundane' self as Peter Parker. Insomniac aren't following the latest films from Marvel or even any comic-book - this is their 'Batman: Arkham'.

Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel and Insomniac Games team up to create a brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story exclusively for PlayStation 4. T...
Release Dates
7 Sep 2018-PS4

Detroit: Become Human (PS4 - 2018)

A neo-noir thriller from David Cage's Quantic Dream that explores androids that are 'awakening' and the subsequent struggle as mankind quickly moves to dismantle a possible uprising. It plays similarly to Quantic's Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain where the player must make decisions and deal with quick-time events, either succeeding or failing. Detroit: Become Human follows three androids; the escaped Kara, the hunter Connor and the emancipating Markus.

Detroit: Become Human
Freedom has a price. Detroit 2038. Technology has evolved to a point where human like androids are everywhere. The...
Release Dates
12 Dec 2019-PC
25 May 2018-PS4

Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 - TBA)

Developer Sucker Punch, the creator of the super-powered inFamous series, has been busy working in 13th century Japan in an open-world adventure where a Samurai is defeated and humiliated at the hands of the invading Mogul Empire. To survive and repel the invasion the Samurai must leave behind his own traditions to embrace unconventional methods.

Ghost of Tsushima
Set in the year 1274, Ghost of Tsushima takes place in Japan where a lone Samurai has survived the Mongol Empire's in...
Release Dates
17 Jul 2020-PS4

The Hong Kong Massacre (PC, PS4 - 2018)

A top-down twin-stick shooter from a two-man Swedish indie studio, and it's set in modern-day Hong Kong where you go on a rampage to hunt down the leader of a criminal gang. You'll be shooting through gang-infested territories across Hong Kong as you track down people within the group to get more clues. Bullet time will aid your shooting frenzy allowing you to survive the frantic chaos. It evokes some Hotline Miami vibes, and even some cyberpunk with all that neon.

The Hong Kong Massacre
The Hong Kong Massacre is a top-down shooter from the Swedish developer Vreski, and is inspired by Hong Kong action m...
Release Dates
22 Jan 2019-PC
22 Jan 2019-PS4

Concrete Genie (PS4 - 2018)

An interesting adventure where a young teen named Ash explores the decaying alleyways of his hometown Denska and finds a world of magic and mischievous monsters he can create through his paintings. Bullied by his peers, Ash retreats more into this fantasy of 'living landscapes' and finds he can purify the polluted walls of his town, possibly saving Denska.

Concrete Genie
Concrete Genie is a game about a bullied teenager named Ash, who escapes his troubles by painting spectacular living ...
Release Dates
9 Oct 2019-PS4

Megalith (PS4/PSVR - 2018)

Described as a 'hero shooter', Megalith is a timed-exclusive for PlayStation VR. It's a colourful team-based multiplayer game where you become a titan battling for supremacy with the ultimate goal to become a god. Disruptive Games say you'll need to use locomotion, strategy and destructible environments to win as you define your own combat style. As a titan you have your massive size and considerable firepower in virtual reality to ascend to godhood, or be forgotten.

Disruptive Games first title is Megalith, an action packed shooter where players must transform their character from ...
Release Dates
8 Jan 2019-PS4

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis (PS4 - December 13th, 2017)

The final major single-player expansion/add-on for Final Fantasy XV where Ignis gets his turn to tell his story. The new adventure happens concurrently with the main game to help fill in more gaps, and you get to pilot a speed boat. If you want to remain surprised by what's in Episode Ignis you're better off not watching the trailer - spoilers ahead!

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
An episodic expansion to Final Fantasy XV focusing on Ignis.
Release Dates
13 Dec 2017-PS4
13 Dec 2017-Xbox One
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