Europa Universalis IV: Mandate Of Heaven Announced

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Paradox Interactive has confirmed the name of their next expansion to grand strategy Europa Universalis IV, and it's called Mandate of Heaven.

It's focused on East Asia and specifically the rise of the imperial Chinese dynasty but also improves the Japanese Shogunate. It features the Celestial Empire which operates similarly to the Holy Roman Empire in Europe with reforms to strengthen the emperor's hold.

Those kingdoms under the might of the Ming dynasty will now pay tribute to their benevolent ruler, or otherwise they could face the wrath of the Middle Kingdom. Ages and Golden Eras are also introduced where perks can be earned as the world moves through four historical ages should specific goals be met. A nation can also declare a Golden Era that lasts 50 years. Certain common diplomatic actions are now available through the macrobuilder interface.

"One of the centerpieces of Mandate of Heaven is managing the Celestial Empire, similar to how the Holy Roman Empire has been handled in Europa Universalis IV. Increase the power of your mandate by commanding tribute, then use your mandate to reform the imperial system, strengthening your grip on the Middle Kingdom and the continent as a whole. Embrace the meritocracy of China’s civil service to pass decrees that meet your empire’s immediate needs."

Mandate of Heaven feature highlights:

• Ages and Golden Eras: Earn perks in four historical ages for meeting specific goals, building up to declaring your nation’s single Golden Era - 50 years of prosperity and power.

• Meritocracy: The Chinese emperor can hire good advisors more cheaply, keeping the empire functional no matter who rules.

• Tributaries: Some Asian nations can demand that weaker powers pay an annual tribute, whether in gold, manpower or monarch points.

• Manchu Banners: Manchu provinces can provide cheap and effective Banner armies drawn from the traditional tribe system.

• Japanese Shogunate: Compel the loyalty of your daimyos with new interactions that require them to submit to your authority, contribute to your power or even commit seppuku

• Diplomatic Macrobuilder: Common diplomatic actions are now easily available from the macrobuilder interface.

• New Events and Decisions: Most of these new systems are connected to new event series or decisions, bringing you even deeper into the past

Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven releases on PC in the first-half of 2017.

Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven
This expansion to grand strategy Europa Universalis IV focuses on Ming China and its rich dynastic heritage, as well ...
Release Dates
6 Apr 2017-PC
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