Project Rap Rabbit Announced

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From the creators of PaRappa The Rapper and Gitaroo Man comes a new rhythm-based action adventure currently titled Project Rap Rabbit. It's on Kickstarter.

Set in an alternate history of 16th century Japan, Project Rap Rabbit features a rabbit on a journey for "truth, justice and liberty" following a world-wide calamity. His weapons of choice are battle raps, which we get full control over.

Right now it's strictly a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter but interest is gaining fast. Developers NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J are collaborating in an unholy alliance to bring us this unique rapping experience. This is to be 'rhythm-action 2.0' for PC and PlayStation 4, with stretch goals for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

"Our adventure is the story of rapping rabbit Toto-Maru and his sidekick Otama-Maru as they travel through a world recovering from a great catastrophe. By fighting the leaders of neighbouring factions via the medium of rap battles, our heroes can bring about peace to their troubled lands," blogged iNis J co-producer, Keiichi Yano.

Check out the Project Rap Rabbit (working title) Kickstarter campaign to learn more. They're asking for £855,000 with 35 days to go as of press time.

Project Rap Rabbit
Set in an alternate history of 16th Century Japan, the world has become a hostile place as people push back against t...
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