Netflix Acquire Paul Greengrass Norwegian Terrorist Thriller

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Netflix has announced that they’ve acquired Paul Greengrass’ next project, a planned film about Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. 

According to Deadline, Outbidding five Hollywood studios, the project Breivik, a Norwegian extremist who in 2011 went on a murderous rampage at a youth camp, killing 77 people. Greengrass is set to shoot the movie in Norway with local actors beginning this fall, working with a budget of around $20 million. 

The film will be in the vein of Greengrass’ previous films United 93, a hyper-realistic account of the heroic actions of passengers on the titular plane after its hijacking by 9/11 terrorists and Captain Phillips, about the hijacking of an ocean freighter by Somali pirates. 

Reportedly, Greengrass is putting his planned Eliot Ness movie Ness on the back-burner in order to make his Breivik film. Greengrass’ planned Martin Luther King movie Memphis appears to have stalled, too. 

Untitled Paul Greengrass Thriller
Paul Greengrass will direct a harrowing account of Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian extremist who in 2011 went on ...
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