Become Legend; Sony's E3 Experience Wrap-Up!

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Sony has a good E3 track record, they certainly know how to put on an exciting show but has Christmas come early? Here's what you missed from the show floor;

  • The show began with a short montage of what we should be expecting from Sony for this upcoming year. Sony wants to redefine 'play' and so far, they're doing a damn good job.
  • The first game to be revealed is one that has been long awaited by many: The Last Guardian gameplay appears onscreen as though a mirage of some kind. It's real, however, as Shuhei Yoshida appears afterward to talk about the title appearing exclusively on Playstation 4.

  • Next up, as we predicted, Guerrilla Games took to the stage to introduce their new franchise: Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game appears to feature a female protagonist in a post-apocalyptic future where modern mankind is dead and the cities have become graves. Mechanised animals now roam the lands where the new humans hunt with ancient looking tools.
  • Hitman returns, announced in a trailer which definitely caught us by surprise. Agent 47 will travel across the world in the most ambitious game in the series. Playstation 4 players will be able to try the game first in a console exclusive beta available with a pre-order, plus PS4 exclusive contracts will be available after launch. 
  • As seen in the leak last week, Birdie and Cammy will be joining Street Fighter V. Like Hitman, the game will be having a PS4 public beta available next year.
  • Sean Murray of Hello Games came to the stage to show off No Man's Sky after first debuting the game at last year's show. At the edge of two warring factions the gameplay begins, as do the choices. You can leave it alone or join and take sides, it's all up to you in this universe sized sandbox. It contains an incredible amount of choice with each planet having its own life and ecology for you to explore; most have never been visited and many will remain that way. There's lots to do and explore including destructible environments, beacons, trading, fighting, and survival.

  • E3 veteran Media Molecule reveals their latest and most ambitious project: Dreams. It's a game where you can explore and create dreams with the simplest of motions. All you have to do is sketch with the controller or remix other people's creations. It all looks very claymation as you can bring your sketches to life by grabbing and puppeteering.
  • Next up, an intense game set in the wilderness where your only point of contact is the voice of a woman in your radio. You were the last to see two young girls in the wild and you must find them, this is Firewatch.
  • Another leak but Destiny's third expansion The Taken King was officially revealed with footage showing off Oryx and the new elemental abilities.
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate finally shows off some interesting Evie footage as she takes to the streets of Victorian London to show off her 'delicate approach'... and her cane sword. Playstation players will get access to a slew of exclusive missions based on famous Victorian novels.
  • World of Final Fantasy is a tale with countless adorable encounter which is coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. Tiny heroes and tiny heroines come together!

  • After long, long last it is finally happening. For a moment, we might've believed it was a joke or another tech demo or maybe even a sequel but it's not: they are remaking Final Fantasy VII.
  • Following that announcement was the Devolver Digital showcase but several titles were blurred due to tearful eyes about that last announcement, you can catch it below.

  • As if Final Fantasy VII remake wasn't amazing enough, Sony is bringing Shenmue 3 to Kickstarter. The series is in our hands now! Following that, the creator of the series came on stage to say a couple words about the project.
  • Arkham Knight took the next spot with an interesting CG trailer beginning with the Joker's cremation. Then, it took a strange, surreal turn as it switched to a first-person perspective and suddenly... demons? Scarecrow Nightmare Missions will be exclusive to Playstation 4.
  • Playstation Vue will soon allow you to purchase channels without a bundle.
  • Playstation also partnered with Activision to bring the first exclusive appearance of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to the Sony conference. With it, the developer brings news of a gritty, co-op experience for the campaign which "is not afraid to take you off the rails". Set in Egypt in 2065, the gameplay showed off a couple of the weapons, enemies, and Cyber Core abilities. 
  • Playstation owners will be able to get map packs first, as well as play the multiplayer beta first.
  • Another montage arrives showing off bits of Uncharted 4: A Thieves End, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Destiny, and more.
  • The Star Wars fanfare began to play leading to the reveal of Star Wars for Disney Infinity 3.0. Two new packs will be available: Twilight of the Republic (set during the Clone Wars) and Rise Against the Empire (set during the original trilogy). The games will be available one month earlier than other consoles in a starter pack also containing the Boba Fett action figure.
  • Battlefront makes yet another appearance confirming that the multitude of missions can be played alone, online, or locally with co-op. These missions will include the ground battles, Hero Battles, trials, and a new mode, Survival. As you would expect, Survival pits you against waves of enemies that you must fight off.

  • To formally close the event, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End starts up only to not work first time around. These glitches are expected, of course, and the show went on after a speedy reboot. A fire fight soon breaks out in the middle of a busy street and, when one thing leads to another, Nathan finds himself grappling onto the side of a moving vehicle with a wooden structure coming his way.
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