What Critics Are Saying About Far Cry Primal

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Starting tomorrow, Ubisoft and their latest title in the Far Cry series, Far Cry Primal, will take gamers back to the Stone Age and put them right in the middle of a conflict for survival at the bottom of the food chain. Players will need to become one with the enemy, craft a deadly arsenal, and learn the lay of the land to make it in this world.

So far, reviews for Primal have put it below past entries in the main series including, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, & Far Cry 4. The PlayStation 4 version of the game currently has a Metascore of 76 out of 100 based on 42 reviews from critics. The highest review, a 95 out of 100 comes from CGMagazine, while the lowest review score spotted is a 60 out of 100 from four outlets: Cheat Code Central, Shacknews, GamesRadar+, & Twinfinite.

Here's what the critics are saying:

CGMagazine - 95 out of 100
"Far Cry Primal is a fantastic standalone title that also has enough historical research meat to keep history nerds happy."

Gaming Nexus - 90 out of 100
"Far Cry Primal is a fantastic departure from the usual FPS adventure. While it is formulaic, in a Far Cry sense, a rich and detailed world, as well as tons to see and do, make this an adventure worth taking."

Xbox Achievements - 85 out of 100
"With a wealth of new ideas, including taming and controlling animals, a non-linear story and an upgradable village hub, Far Cry Primal isn’t just Far Cry 4 with cavemen. Much of the gameplay will feel familiar, but the additions are just about enough to keep it fresh."

Forbes - 80 out of 100
"If you like Far Cry, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like this as well. But if you’re becoming exhausted by ~20 hours of leveling, skinning, leaf-collecting, trinket-finding and map-clearing after the last few installments, Primal is definitely more of the same. The setting change is effective, but this isn’t going outside of the series’ comfort zone as much as Ubisoft might have you believe."

GameSpot - 80 out of 100
"That focus on primitive times can become a hindrance at certain points, with limited tools and repetitive combat, but in the end, Far Cry Primal stays true to its callous setting, fleshing out every layer of the captivating world it creates."

IGN - 79 out of 100
"The visceral and varied combat is fun, the beast-based gameplay is a winner, and the lure of camp-claiming, gear-crafting, beast hunting, and resource gathering remains irresistible. It’s weakened, however, by a disappointing lack of investment in its story, some often forgettable quests, and its vanilla villains, which unfortunately combine to make Primal feel like a step back from the memorable moments of Far Cry 3 and 4."

Destructoid - 70 out of 100
"While Far Cry Primal is a well-made experience, one I enjoyed a great deal, it oftentimes had me thinking about the routine the series has settled into, and envisioning a future where the Far Cry formula may not be as compelling as it once was, no matter how extraordinary the setting."

Shacknews - 60 out of 100
"In the end the new abilities, like taming animals and riding them, are great additions to the game, but they just aren't enough to save Far Cry Primal from being a fairly average and mindless adventure in a time long forgotten."

GamesRadar+ - 60 out of 100
"Primal takes the great structure of the Far Cry series, but little of its character. No clear goal and a limited arsenal end up making this feel a little prehistoric itself."

Twinfinite - 60 out of 100
"Ultimately, the lack of a gripping story or any standout characters strips a bit too much from the experience. It’s a solid effort that opens up more possibilities for first-person action, but without the highs a strong narrative could have afforded the game, it is left feeling a bit bare."

Far Cry Primal releases on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One on February 23rd. PC users will receive the game on March 1st.

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