The Sarajevo Six's Fifth Target Now Available In Hitman's Episode 5 For PlayStation 4

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The next target as part of the Sarajevo Six exclusively for PlayStation 4 is now within Agent 47's clutches thanks to the launch of Hitman's Episode 5: Colorado.

Patrick Morgan is the name of the next former member of the CICADA Deniable Operations unit SIGMA, and it's believed he has taken employment with the militia forces. "ICA files indicate that your target is a lethal combatant, who expects the worst following the mysterious deaths of four of his old unit."

The Sarajevo Six comprise of six total bonus contracts that are exclusively locked to PlayStation 4 for the episodic Hitman from Io Interactive and Square Enix. The bonus content deals with a former paramilitary group known as CICADA.

Hitman Episode 5: Freedom Fighters (Colorado) released September 27th, 2016.

Hitman Episode 5: Freedom Fighters (Colorado)
For the penultimate episode in Hitman Season One, the mission “Freedom Fighters” is not one to be taken lightly. Agen...
Release Dates
27 Sep 2016-PC
27 Sep 2016-Xbox One
27 Sep 2016-PS4
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