Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Announced For PC And Console

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Bandai Namco's teasing of 'Projekt1514' has now ended as they reveal it's actually Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, coming to PC and consoles in early 2018.

This third-person action RPG is set in a fictional virtual reality MMO called Gun Gale Online, and that's where we'll be leaving our mark in a new original story from Sword Art Online creator Reki Kawahara.

The game world will reflect our choices and interactions as the story unfolds, teases the studio. Fatal Bullet is powered using Unreal Engine 4 so we're promised some very stunning visual environments, characters and effects. The game also supports co-op play to take down bosses or 4 vs. 4 battles online.

"Play as the protagonist, battle against opponents using new weapons and further customize gameplay by creating skills and abilities. Interact with characters from the Sword Art Online original novels, anime and previous games as you navigate a world that is vastly personalized and visually enhanced. As an action based RPG, gun battle plays a large role unlike previous games, with unique and realistic designs resembling something out of a sci-fi movie and numerous other weapons and fighting styles to choose from."

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Early 2018.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Become a hero of the fictional virtual reality MMO Gun Gale Online in a new original story from Sword Art Online seri...
Release Dates
23 Feb 2018-Xbox One
23 Feb 2018-PC
23 Feb 2018-PS4
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