Soft Body Is Coming This Fall To PC, PS4, & Vita

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The sole developer of Soft Body, Zeke Virant, has revealed his action-puzzle, twin-stick shooter will be arriving on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Soft Body will put you in control of two beautiful, gooey snakes, and tasks you with painting the world with your soft body by controlling the snakes at the same time using each analog stick. As you maneuver the environment, your landscape will continually change around you. You'll have to dodge bullets and pop enemies to keep yourself from having to restart. It distinguishes itself from other arcade games with its surreal sense of control and style, and its smooth, meditative aesthetic.

The game will have both a single-player Soft Mode and Hard Mode to give both newcomers and advanced players a well suited challenge when it comes to getting the full reach of the controls. A Co-op Mode has also been announced as well, but more details on what that will entail will come before the game's release this fall.

The teaser trailer below shows off Soft Body in action and it looks like a healthy mix of the games Sound Shapes, Hohokum, and Snake.

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