Star Citizen's Single-Player Campaign 'Squadron 42' Pushed Into 2017

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Cloud Imperium Games won't be releasing the single-player of Star Citizen this year after all. Big cheese Chris Roberts confirmed that Squadron 42 will remain in the hangar.

Foundry 42 is the British development arm of Cloud Imperium Games that's principally behind Squadron 42. They now hold offices globally as well as contract with several other smaller studios. Star Citizen is the far larger and more persistent MMO-style universe.

Squadron 42 is only the single-player campaign involving a dramatic story that unfolds as you progress. It works similarly to Chris Roberts' previous lauded work; Wing Commander. However times have changed and the ambitious scale is almost frightening.

All main content for Squadron 42 "will be complete by the end of the year," Chris Roberts told German magazine GameStar. "There is still more work to do concerning some basic systems like the AI or the coversystem for infiltration missions. Those will take more time."

There's quite a stellar cast of talent involved in Squadron 42's drama such as Gary Oldman, Mark Hamil, Mark Strong, Sophie Wu, John Rhys-Davies, Liam Cunningham, Gillian Anderson, Andy Serkis and others. Ian Duncan takes the role of the player.

Just recently Star Citizen was updated to Alpha 2.5 that brought online more places to visit, such as GrimHEX, and a lot of improvements to the game itself. Star Citizen combines both space combat and first-person shooting, which also features in Squadron 42.

Squadron 42 is likely to arrive from mid-2017 onwards, hints Chris Roberts.

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