The New Matrix Movie Could Be A Morpheus Origin Story

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The Matrix reboot is offering you a binary choices, take the blue pill and forget that it’s actually happening, or sample the red pill and learn the true origin story of Morpheus.  

As previously reported, The Matrix is set to be plugged back in again by Warner Bros. with Zak Penn, er, penning the script which he has confirmed is neither a remake or a reboot.

So, what is it?

Well, we already know that Michael B. Jordan is being eyed for a key role so, could that role be a young Morpheus? 

Played by Laurence Fishburne in the original trilogy, the mysterious Morpheus was never really explored in the Matrixverse, now, according to Birth. Movies. Death. Jordan could be about to don the oh-so-early noughties shades of Morpheus.  

However, sources have suggested that this is only one of several ideas being knocked around by Warner Bros.  

The Matrix (Reboot)
A reboot of The Matrix franchise, rumoured to be written by Zak Penn with Michael B. Jordan being eyed up for an impo...
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