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'/>The Night Before.


The Night Before Trailer Reminds Us What Christmas Is Really About

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Christmas is just around the corner, as we all know. As such it's to get into the holiday spirit and what better way than with the red-band trailer from The Night Before.

The movie stars Seth Rogen (The Interview), Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) as a trio of friends meeting up for their yearly Christmas Eve debauchery. Sadly, their lives begin to make the tradition harder to organize, so they decide to go out with a bang and have the most messed up Christmas yet.

The film comes from the minds behind This is the End, Neighbors, and The Interview and from the trailer looks to be much of the same comedy. The trailer displays a movie sitting on the edge of good taste, which will inevitably stray across the line for a joke or two. All in all, if you enjoy the comedic movies of Seth Rogen you should enjoy this one, with the added bonus that this is a Christmas themed adult comedy that we don't see enough.

The Night Before is set to release November 25 in the US, and December 11 in the UK. Watch the trailer below, provided no-one who's easily offended is in earshot.

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