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Grand Theft Auto May Star Daniel Radcliffe

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With filming due to begin in a little of a week for the BBC's videogame industry drama, it appears they may have found their Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto .

It has been revealed that Daniel Radcliffe (Victor Frankenstein), most famous for his work as wizard Harry Potter, is in talks to play Sam Harris. While the name may not ring any bells, you've definitely seen his work. Harris is the current president, and co-founder, of Rockstar Games the creators of the incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto series. The most recent game, Grand Theft Auto V, currently holds the distinction of generating $1 billion faster than any other entertainment property.

The drama will focus on the the creation of the famous series and all the controversy that came with it. While the game has been controversial since it's first release in 1997, the drama is set to pay special attention to American lawyer Jack Thompson, who made it his personal mission to get the series banned in the early 2000s.

Grand Theft Auto is set to air on BBC2 in the UK later this year, and you can expect an American release soon after.

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