Everything We Know About Apple Watch 3

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Apple's next smartwatch to hug our wrists is likely the Apple Watch 3, unless they have a fancier name for it.

Release & Price

Currently it's believed the new Apple Watch will hit retailers in either late 2017 or early 2018.

It's hard to nail down the new smartwatch's launch because the release of iPhone 8 will likely determine the calendar. Should the iPhone 8 arrive in September 2017 - which seems likely - then it could launch alongside it as a perfect accompaniment for smart device addicts.

How much is this new smartwatch going to cost?

Apple Watch at launch: $349 / £299

Apple Watch 2 at launch: $369 / £369

It's probably a safe bet to say an Apple Watch 3 will hover around $390 / £400.

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• The Screen

What's that thing strapped to your wrist going to look like? A micro-LED display that's probably going to match previous models so expect a 1.65-inch screen. It's not like it has much real-estate to work with after all. Apple will want to do something about the screen anyway to show its evolution, so we could see crisper displays with better brightness and colour depth if battery life isn't sacrificed.

• The Strap

How will the new Apple Watch anchor itself? There are some steamy hot leaks and rumours flying around that Apple might take a patented fabric-based wristband that expands the display into production. Then again there's also whispers of Liquidmetal or moving some sensors from the watch into the strap for a slimmer Apple Watch base.

Another interesting idea that's got some traction is a 'modular' strap design patent that could see additional functionality added on at the user's discretion, such as more sensors or even extending battery life with another cell. This would certainly offer some versatility if it could be problem solved.

• The Battery

How long will the smartwatch go for between charges? There's nothing on this front yet but the Apple Watch 2 saw a significant improvement over the original - offering two days' worth of charge. Perhaps Apple has some more tech wizardry up their sleeve to squeeze another day?

• Chipset & OS

What will be powering the computation of the new Apple Watch? The OS for the device is probably a choice between watchOS 4 or watchOS 5, reports TechRadar, but it's unclear if there's going to be any new significant features unveiling. As for the processor, it will at least be a dual-core chip like in the Apple Watch 2 but with a higher clock speed for sleeker performance.

The only other difference Apple might try to push with this new smartwatch is more independence from needing to have an iPhone paired up, though this remains its biggest selling point. Already the Apple Watch 2 had its own GPS installed so this could extend to even a camera for limited FaceTime.

More information about the upcoming new Apple Watch 3 is expected later in the year so stay tuned.

Apple Watch Series 3
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