What Critics Are Saying About Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

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The most-anticipated expansion of the year is about to drop tomorrow. Can The Old Hunters receive the same amount of critical praise that Bloodborne received earlier this year?

Here's what the critics are saying:

GameInformer - 93 out of 100
"The Old Hunters has questions, has answers, and has some glorious new secrets to be uncovered."

Attack of the Fanboy - 90 out of 100
"It’ll give you just about everything you’ve come to expect from From Software RPGs — new enemies to fight, new weapons and items to uncover, a big new map to explore, and of course, the soul crushing defeats."

GamingTrend - 90 out of 100
"The Old Hunters ratchets up Bloodborne’s difficulty quite a bit. But in doing so, the satisfaction of beating bosses only gets stronger."

Worth Playing - 90 out of 100
"A solid and enjoyable expansion that adds some much-needed new content to the game in exactly the right places."

Hardcore Gamer - 80 out of 100
"While it fails to try anything new and is relatively short, the bosses make this something worthy of trekking through, especially for existing fans."

IGN - 80 out of 100
"A dense, intriguing, but ultimately safe expansion, The Old Hunters is more of the same brutal Bloodborne experience."

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters will be available on November 24th for $19.99/£11.99/€14.99 on the PlayStation Store. You can pre-download it now!

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