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'/>Sister Act!


Reboots Becoming Habit Forming, As New Sister Act Announced

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Yes, folks, the powers that be in Movieland have given the wheel of movies a spin to decide which film to remake next. The lucky/unlucky winner this week is 1992's Sister Act!

You may remember the original, starring Whoopi Goldberg as a singer who hides out at a nunnery after witnessing a crime, or its sequel that followed a year later. They were fun, family-friendly movies at the height of Whoopi Goldberg's stardom.

Disney have announced the remake, but are being pretty tight-lipped beyond that. It is unclear at this point if Whoopi Goldberg will be returning in any capacity, though personally I'm holding out for Maggie Smith (The Harry Potter Franchise) to reprise her role of Mother Superior. We also know that Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah will be scripting this reboot, whose previous works include '10 Things I Hate About You' and 'The Ugly Truth'.

Sister Act has no release date as yet, and given that the script isn't finished yet don't expect the movie for a while.

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