New Doctor Who Trailer Sees the Doctor Face Old and New Enemies 

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Whovians rejoice! The Doctor is back and, in the final series for his twelfth incarnation, it looks like it’s back to the beginning with a brand-new companion in tow.  

For Peter Capaldi’s last hurrah, the Doctor will be joined by Matt Lucas' Nardole and new recruit Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. The brand-new series also sees the return of old foes such as perennial fan favourite the Daleks, a new form of Ice Warrior (a female Ice Warrior no lessssss), and the much-welcomed come back for the Mondasian Cybermen, in all their cloth-faced, sing-songy voice glory. 

While the new trailer seems light on plot details – showrunner Steven Moffat has previously said he wants this season to feel like the very first, full of new potential and wonder – the trailer also boasts some new foes too, including emoji robots. 

The series returns to our screens on 15 April the first episode, The Pilot. There are 12 episodes in the new run, then Capaldi will depart the show next Christmas, along with current showrunner Steven Moffat. 

Doctor Who Season 10
Doctor Who returns in 2017 with a new season starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as the Doctor's new c...
Release Dates
15 Apr 2017-BBC America
24 Jul 2017-Blu-ray
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