Stardock's RTS Ashes Of The Singularity Moves Into Beta, Introduces New Faction

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The mega-scale real-time strategy Ashes of the Singularity from Stardock Games has left its Alpha phase and is now invading fertile Beta landscapes with an all-new faction joining the struggle.

There's a new progression system for the game's Dreadnoughts which including buffing our armies with new abilities, bonuses and other perks as units gain experience. The new faction is The Substrate which is an AI faction, whereas testers have played with the Post-Human Coalition until now. New maps are added to the roster for "carefully crafted battlefields".

The developer has also included new Orbital Abilities:

  • Amplify: Target amplified power generator gets a permanent 33% boost. 
  • Orbital Strike: After a 10 second count down, target area receives 5000 damage over 5 seconds. 
  • Carving Turret: Places a heavy plasma beam cannon in target location that does 500 damage to a single target over 3 seconds with a 5 second cool down. 
  • EMP: Units within target area (600m) lose all shields. 
  • Overcharge: Target power generator boosts region production by 200% for 10 seconds. 
  • Regenerate: Target units have their shields fully restored over a period of 5 seconds. 
  • Sensor Drone: Summons a sensor drone to a target location and floats around until it's destroyed. 
  • Boost: Target power generator receives a permanent 20% boost in output, stacks at half rate each time (20%, 10%, 5%, etc.) 
  • Drone Swarm: Place a swarm of drones in the target area (must be an uncovered FOW) 
  • Kill: Target unit receives 5000 points of damage over 5 seconds. 
  • Call Avatar: "Searcher" re-purposed to be a spawned unit that can build and attack strongly. 
  • Detonate: Teleports a bomb to target area that deals 4000 damage in 3 seconds to target area when it explodes.

Ashes of the Singularity is available to play through Steam Early Access with a full PC release due in 2016.

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