Steins;Gate Gets Dated For Europe

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PQube has confirmed that Steins;Gate will be releasing on June 5th in Europe! The news comes from a post on the official Steins;Gate Community Facebook page which reads:

"We are pleased to announce the Steins;Gate PS3/PS Vita European release date as June 5th (2015)!
The physical versions and digital PlayStation Store versions will all release on the same day.
El Psy Kongroo."

Based on the TV series, the game is set in Akihabara, the Mecca of Japanese anime culture and follows a group of friends who accidentally invent a method of sending messages to the past. Their discovery drags them into a world of conspiracy and shifting time-lines where the push of a button can change the course of history.

The U.S. release date has not been confirmed yet, but we'll let you know when it is!

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