Syndicate 'Spiritual Successor' Satellite Reign Launches Today

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5 Lives Studios today sees the cyberpunk fruits of their dystopic toil finally bear oppressive corporate fruit as Satellite Reign comes to PC. It's hailed as a 'spiritual successor' to Peter Molyneux's Syndicate series.

It's a real-time tactical RPG where we control four agents that each specialise in a different field. We're trying to take down rival syndicates that keep the world in their oppressive grip. Whether we do so for the betterment of our fellow man or because we want to be top dog is up to us. It's built using the ever-versatile Unity engine.

Satellite Reign has been in Early Access for quite some time and now that it's launched a 20% discount is running until September 3rd. It began as a Kickstarter campaign and initially raised over £460k in pledges. It's now out on PC through Steam.

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