StarCraft Remastered Release Date Confirmed Mid-August

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Blizzard Entertainment's HD remastering of the original 1998 real-time strategy StarCraft has been given a solid launch date for this August.

The base-building RTS gets a major visual overhaul to bring it 'up to code' for today's fancier and higher resolution screens, and will include the StarCraft: Brood War expansion as part of the Remaster package. It will go as far as supporting 4K resolutions with UHD support.

Improve matchmaking and new leaderboards will be introduced alongside player profiles keeping track of individual statistics via accounts. Cloud saving for campaigns, hotkey preferences and replays will also feature.

The game's audio has been given a high fidelity pass and for those who pine for StarCraft's original charm there's an easy switch to flick between the Remaster and the original. Blizzard is currently offering pre-purchases for StarCraft Remastered via for £12.99 (UK) / $14.99 (US).

StarCraft Remastered releases on PC August 14th, 2017.

StarCraft Remastered
The classic real-time sci-fi strategy from Blizzard Entertainment remastered with updated visuals supporting 4K UHD a...
Release Dates
14 Aug 2017-Mac
14 Aug 2017-PC
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