Peter Molyneux's New Game 'The Trail' Sneakily Launches For iOS In The Philippines

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22Cans and Peter Molyneux have been working on a new project called 'The Trail', of which there's been very little actually said about it by Molyneux himself.

This silence shouldn't surprise anyone if you've been aware of the Godus project that Molyneux took to Kickstarter and eventually moved away from as the game struggled to meet its own ambitions. 

The Trail - A Frontier Journey is a completely different beast from the God game genre and instead focuses on an adventurer trekking across a stylised wilderness full of other adventurers doing the same. It's in third-person and is on-rails when it comes to journeying the trail itself. It also features crafting, trade and banding together to build towns.

It's a free-to-play title about exploration and making your fortune on the frontier. Currently it seems only to support iOS but an Android version is coming. There seems to be no PC or console version in the works unless 22Cans is hiding an announcement.

The Trail - A Frontier Journey is currently available for iOS in the Philippines.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge
Are you ready to discover the undiscovered? Are you ready to climb the tallest mountains, wear the finest clothes, an...
Release Dates
16 Aug 2017-PC
3 Nov 2016-iOS
3 Nov 2016-Android
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