PlayStation VR Bundle Sells Out Within 4 Minutes On Amazon

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If you were out of the loop, today online retailer Amazon Started Taking Preorders , for the PlayStation VR headset at 7:01 AM PST and it sold out within minutes - 4 to be exact.

Although we're not sure how many Amazon had available, the bundle retails for $499 and includes everything that hardware noobs might be lacking, including two PS Move controllers (we're very pleased these are coming back in style), a PlayStation 4 camera, the VR headset, of course, and on the software front, a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, which includes the top games that Sony has demoed at media events, including The London Heist, VR Luge, Scavengers Odyssey, & Into The Deep, all on one disc. You can track PlayStation VR Worlds' release as well as PlayStation VR itself using our website. At this time, they're both expected for an October 2016 release date, without an official day during the month specified for its release.

It's encouraging to see VR take off the way it did this morning. More sales means more games for those who've put down their money. However, if I remember correctly, the PlayStation 4 was a hot item for all during its launch in holiday 2013 with most consumers not able to get the item until the following year when quantities finally became available. Could PlayStation's new VR headset be on the same route?

Amazon UK still have the standard model available for pre-order for those wanting to make sure to get it around launch. 

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