The Games That Got Release Dates This Past Week

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Releases.com has you covered when it comes to keeping track of all your anticipated games, movies, & tv shows arriving in the future. If you haven't already, sign up for an account, search for the titles you're looking forward to, and simply click "Track" to add them to your very own "My Tracked Items" list.

It's that simple and a great way to keep up with everything just around the corner... Here's a few of the games that were given release dates this past week that you can start tracking now! 


Furi - Releases July 5th

Lost Sea - Releases July 5th

Megadimension Neptunia VII - Releases July 5th [PC]

Kill Strain - Releases July 12th (U.K.) July 19th (U.S.)

Livelock - Releases August 2nd

Read Only Memories - Releases August 16th [PS4, Vita]

Rez Infinite - Releases October 13th

Kyub - Releases July 13th


Boss battles are a dying breed in gaming. Furi is looking to remedy that by taking the mechanic and taking it to the ...
Release Dates
2 Dec 2016-Xbox One
5 Jul 2016-PS4
11 Jan 2018-Switch
Lost Sea
Escaping the Bermuda Triangle can prove tricky. Lost Sea is a 3D action-strategy title that tasks players with explor...
Release Dates
5 Jul 2016-Linux
5 Jul 2016-Xbox One
5 Jul 2016-PC
Megadimension Neptunia VII
The Neptunia series is finally coming to PlayStation 4. Featuring a brand new battle system with new combo attacks, t...
Release Dates
28 Jul 2020-Switch
2 Feb 2016-PS4
5 Jul 2016-PC
Kill Strain
Kill Strain is an action, top-down shooter from the same team that brought us the MLB: The Show series. It is a free-...
Release Dates
19 Jul 2016-PS4
Livelock is a fast-paced cooperative top-down shooter based in a post-human world where machines are waging an infini...
Release Dates
30 Aug 2016-Xbox One
30 Aug 2016-PC
30 Aug 2016-PS4
Read Only Memories
Read Only Memories is a new cyberpunk adventure that takes place in 2064 in Neo-SF. Inspired by point & click adve...
Release Dates
No dates announced yet
Rez Infinite
15 years after the original Rez won hearts and blew minds on the PS2, its unique blend of shooting-rhythm-action retu...
Release Dates
9 Aug 2017-PC
13 Oct 2016-PS4
Move the “Kyub", a cube-like creature, and use its abilities to solve devious puzzles and escape malicious traps. Wit...
Release Dates
13 Jul 2016-Xbox One

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