Survived By Announced For PC, Closed Alpha This Year

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Human Head Studios and Digital Extremes are working on a pixel-art world called Survived By, which is a bullet-hell roguelike free-to-play MMO.

It's a very retro-style approach to the MMO which can support up to 100 players fighting side-by-side to take on vicious hordes of Chimera as you dodge and slaughter to  gain precious loot and fame.

“When we created Survived By, we imagined a game retaining all of the key gameplay elements of the classic games we grew up with and loved, but with a modern role-player in mind,” said executive producer, Ryan Jackson. “Jumping into a server with as many as 100 players, we discovered a tremendous sense of wonder and an addictive blend of crafting, social team-work and twitchy bullet-hell madness.”

As this is a roguelike it also features permadeath where your original character's descendants continue the legacy of your ancestor. What's also different in Survived By is that your characters will manage to survive more than a single hit and will regenerate health if they take a breather.

Feature highlights:

• MMORPG With Up To 100 Player Battles: Survived By is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game played with up to 100 players. Dodge bullets, slaughter hordes of Chimera, and level up while crafting the best gear and weapons. Be careful though, once you die… it’s almost game over

• Permadeath Is Just The Beginning: Unlike traditional roguelikes, players regenerate health, survive longer, and don’t need to dodge everything to stay alive. But every time a player dies, they lose almost everything. They’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of their legacy with them

• Bullet Hell Ballistics: Players craft and wield increasing deadly weapons that can provide tactical options tailored to the character class they select. They’ll arm themselves with a combination of magic, steel, and special abilities to fend off enemies while artfully skirting their damaging spray

• Gorgeous Pixel-Art World: Team up with friends and others to explore a huge beautifully rendered pixel-art world. Gear up and journey together with friends to crush enemies, raid dungeons, and trade items in a vast, diverse landscape with many in-game achievements and challenges, and hundreds of hours of gameplay

• Craft Weapons to Slay the Hordes: Players craft and wield powerful projectile weapons as they confront an array of Beasts (hostile and aggressive creatures), Infernals (fiery forces of indiscriminate destruction), Furies (invasive nightmares that corrupt anything they touch), Spirits (natural disasters made manifest), and more on their journey

• Fair Free-To-Play Model: Survived By is designed as a fair free-to-play game. Every item in the game can be earned for free without paying

• Frequent Updates: Survived By is designed to be updated frequently with new content and exciting new features. The game will be built with its community’s voice and desires in mind

Survived By is in development for PC with a Closed Alpha beginning this year. Visit the official Survived By website to learn more.

Survived By
Explore, craft and loot in this ruined pixel-art world plagued by vicious Chimera where survivors fight it out, where...
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