The Games That Received Release Dates This Past Week

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Releases has you covered when it comes to keeping track of all your anticipated games, movies, & TV shows arriving in the future. If you haven't already, sign up for an account, search for the titles you're looking forward to, and simply click "Track" to add them to your very own "My Tracked Items" list.

It's that simple and a great way to keep up with everything just around the corner... Here's a few of the games that were given release dates this past week that you can start tracking now!


Armikrog - Releases August 23rd [PS4]

N++ - Releases August 25th [PC] 

Binaries - Releases August 30th [PS4, Xbox One] 

The Tomorrow Children - Releases September 6th 

DOGOS - Releases September 6th [PS4] September 7th [PC, Xbox One] 

Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas - Releases September 7th [PS4, Xbox One] 

Destiny: The Collection - Releases September 20th 

Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus - Releases September 21st 

Slain: Back From Hell - Releases October 5th [Xbox One] October 13th [PS4] 

Sunless Sea - Zubmariner: Lights in the Darkness - Releases October 11th 

Battlezone - Releases October 13th 

Eagle Flight - Releases October 18th [PC] November 8th [PS4]

Planet Coaster - Releases November 17th 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Releases November 29th 

The Crew: Calling All Units - Releases November 29th 

Steep - Releases December 2nd 

Werewolves Within - Releases December 6th 


Let us know which games you started tracking in the comments section below!

Armikrog is a unique stop motion clay animated point and click adventure game from the creators of Earthworm Jim and ...
Release Dates
31 Dec 2099-Wii U
30 Sep 2015-PC
23 Aug 2016-PS4
Test your reflexes and awareness as you simultaneously guide two lovable balls through 101 brightly coloured challeng...
Release Dates
30 Aug 2016-Xbox One
4 Apr 2016-PC
4 Apr 2016-Mac
The Tomorrow Children
A disastrous experiment has melted humanity's consciousness into a dismal mass known as the Void – and only you, brav...
Release Dates
6 Sep 2016-PS4
Putting the player in the shoes of Desmond Phoenix, a skilled pilot in command of sophisticated ships equipped with v...
Release Dates
7 Sep 2016-PC
6 Sep 2016-PS4
7 Sep 2016-Xbox One
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone… The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious neckla...
Release Dates
7 Sep 2016-PS4
14 Nov 2013-iOS
22 Jun 2017-Switch
Destiny: The Collection
Destiny: The Collection includes the base game of Destiny, plus all four expansions, including The Dark Below, House ...
Release Dates
20 Sep 2016-PS4
20 Sep 2016-Xbox One
Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus
Ravage the post-apocalyptic Earth once again as the world's hungriest mutant – the ATOMIC BUTCHER – who is on an eter...
Release Dates
21 Sep 2016-PC
Slain: Back From Hell
In Slain: Back From Hell, players control the fate of Bathoryn, a doomed hero in a Gothic world, who seeks to liberat...
Release Dates
22 Nov 2016-PS Vita
7 Dec 2017-Switch
5 Oct 2016-Xbox One
Sunless Sea - Zubmariner: Lights in the Darkness
Zubmariner will be the first expansion to Sunless Sea.
Release Dates
11 Oct 2016-PC
11 Oct 2016-Linux
11 Oct 2016-Mac
Rebellion is looking to reboot Battlezone, yes that Battlezone, from the original Atari. This versus tank title is ta...
Release Dates
13 Oct 2016-PS4
11 May 2017-PC
Eagle Flight
Developed exclusively for VR (virtual reality), Eagle Flight sends you to the skies of Paris to experience the freedo...
Release Dates
18 Oct 2016-PC
8 Nov 2016-PS4
Planet Coaster
The game is a spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, a game that was also developed by Frontier in 2004. B...
Release Dates
17 Nov 2016-PC
Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Watch as Star Trek alums Levar Burton, Jeri Ryan, and Karl Urban reveal and play Star Trek: Bridge Crew for the first...
Release Dates
30 May 2017-PC
30 May 2017-PS4
The Crew: Calling All Units
Racers have been owning the USA... Until today. Time to set the record straight! Join the cops and put an end to thei...
Release Dates
29 Nov 2016-PS4
29 Nov 2016-PC
29 Nov 2016-Xbox One
Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends. Defy and m...
Release Dates
2 Dec 2016-Xbox One
2 Dec 2016-PC
2 Dec 2016-PS4
Werewolves Within
Werewolves Within brings the fun of game night to virtual reality! One of the first multiplayer VR games created, ...
Release Dates
6 Dec 2016-PS4
6 Dec 2016-PC
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