Empathy: Path Of Whispers Release Date Confirmed

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The atmospheric and surreal adventure Empathy: Path of Whispers will be coming to PC by mid-May. Explore emotions and memories in an abandoned world.

This indie title takes place in a world seemingly empty except for a few faint pulses of something in the back of your mind. The people have disappeared and only the echoes of emotion and memory will piece together the history of this world to discover what happened.

“We can't wait for players to experience the intriguing world of Empathy, which we've been crafting for the past few years.” says Anton Pustovoyt, lead developer at Pixel Night. “It's an accomplishment we’re extremely proud of, and we hope players enjoy the unique experience they're about to embark on."

This first-person action adventure focuses on story and exploration with a surreal world created from the people's memories which can be manipulated to dive deeper. These lost memories are crucial to restore the now crumbling world to its former state.

Empathy: Path of Whispers releases on PC May 17th, 2017.

Empathy: Path of Whispers
Empathy is an atmospheric and surrealistic adventure game where you explore a seemingly abandoned world through the e...
Release Dates
17 May 2017-PC
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