LIMBO Is Now Free On Xbox One

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Heads up, everyone! LIMBO is currently free now on Xbox One! 

We're not sure if this is a mistake, or an E3 surprise, but either way, you should snag it while you can! In the game, a boy, uncertain of his sister's fate, enters LIMBO, a dangerous black & white world full of danger. It's a puzzle side-scroller that was critically acclaimed upon its release back in 2010. The Xbox 360 version earned a Metascore of 90 out of 100.

It's likely we'll see the successor to LIMBO, titled Inside, at tomorrow's Microsoft E3 2016 press event. Here's the link to head to the Xbox Online Store now and snag a copy: LINK

Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project.
Release Dates
23 Aug 2016-PS4
28 Jun 2018-Switch
29 Jun 2016-Xbox One

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