You Can Now Buy Destiny Character Boosts on PSN

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Did you come to Destiny a little bit late? Do you have £25 to blow on instantly levelling up your new character? Well, it looks like Bungie might have something just for you in the form of a microtransaction 'experiment'.

A few weeks ago, data miners discovered hints toward paid experience boosts which Bungie stated was "just an experiment". Now, players in the UK are able to purchase class boosts from the respective PSN store. You can buy one for each class at the low, low cost of £25 each.

Each bundle comes with the aforementioned booster, as well as a Subclass Booster, and Telementaries. It appears Bungie themselves have yet to officially announce their new paid content on the Bungie Blog, not have they commented on their decision to reinstate the idea after denouncing it as "dust and echoes from the cutting room floor".

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