Anno 2205 Trailer Showcases "Multi-Session Gameplay" Across Earth And The Moon

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The latest entry in the Anno series is going big; multi-session big. A new trailer from Ubisoft and developer Blue Byte reveals how we'll be juggling multiple sessions across the globe, and on our lunar satellite the Moon.

12 sectors 'can be combined' to make one giant endless game. 9 player sessions are spread across three regions; the Temperate Zone, the Arctic Zone and the Lunar Zone. Initially we choose one session per zone to unlock but the others can be earned later. There are also two optional Crisis Zones with military conflicts. Lastly there's the Space Station hosting the game's online features.

While playing in one session within a region the other sessions are still ticking along and we can jump between them at will to grow our mighty corporate empire all at once. The maps within the sessions are huge and provide the biggest maps to-date for Anno. The Temperate Zone offers the largest areas to grow mighty cities.

The studio plans to expand buildable areas in the future with the new content included with the Season Pass.

Anno 2205 releases on PC November 3rd.

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